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Overhauls & Repairs

W.M. Sprinkman utilizes a complete team of field service specialists to inspect, modify and repair stainless steel tanks or conduct system and plant overhauls. We provide a written report detailing the findings of our inspections, including recommendations and if applicable, an estimate for any needed repairs. Our crews are available on a scheduled basis or to handle emergencies.

System Overhauls:

  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Pump and valve overhauls
  • Inspections
  • Process improvement consulting

Tank Inspections:

  • Tank Exterior
    • Shell
    • Outlets and nozzles
    • Ladders, legs and bracing
    • Manways
    • Motor Mounts
  • Tank Interior
    • Shell
    • Agitator
    • Sprayballs
    • Overall cleanliness


Tank Repairs & Modifications:

  • Repair
    • Leaking jackets
    • Hydrostatic blow-out of vacuum-damaged vessels
    • Vacuum-damaged silo tops (top job)
    • Fittings, manways and spraywalls
    • Agitators
    • Minor cracks and fractures
    • Minor tubing
    • Replace equipment if needed
  • Modify
    • ASME pressure vessels
    • Add or modify agitation (vertical, horizontal)
    • Add heat transfer surface to existing tanks
    • Minor tubing
    • Add or remove ferrules

For a detailed breakdown of our Tank Replacement & Repair inspection process, check out our downloadable inspection list:


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