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Homogenizer Repair & Replacement

A homogenizer malfunction never occurs at a convenient time. Taking any of these vital pieces of equipment off-line will likely result in significant losses of time and money. Regardless of make and model, W.M. Sprinkman has dedicated field service crews that can be on-site within hours of notification to make the needed repairs that will quickly get your equipment back up and running.

Rebuilds & Used Equipment

If you are in need of service for your APV-Gaulen homogenizer or other select model homogenizer, W.M. Sprinkman can overhaul the equipment and get it back in running shape!  We also have an inventory of used homogenizers to choose from if you are expanding your operation.   

View our full list of our used homogenizers: 

Used Homogenizers

Preventative Maintenance

It’s been said that the best offense is a good defense. The same holds true for your processing system and equipment. W.M. Sprinkman Preventative Maintenance Programs can be designed to work within your production schedule to thoroughly inspect your equipment on a regularly scheduled basis. By working within your planned downtime, our technicians can make any necessary adjustments and repairs so your system can run at its most efficient and profitable level.

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