We would like to help you as you design your initial brewery and brewing system!  In order to better understand the timing and scope of your plans, please fill out this form based on what you know today and we will respond to you in the coming days.

All items with *asterisks must be answered



*City & State




Is this an existing or planned brewery?

If an existing brewery, what size is your current brewing system?

If this is a BIP, what is your proposed opening date?


Is this request for a new, multi-vessel brewhouse?


If yes, what is the proposed batch size?

Brewing Vessels

Brewing vessels you are interested in? (Check all that apply)

Brewing support vessels?

Size of brewing support vessels (BBL)?

Level of automation preferred?

Cellar tanks you are interested in?


Brite beer tanks

Other tanks & equipment you are interested in?

Size/BBL of other tanks and equipment (listed above)?



(Complete only if BIP or new facility.)

What types of beer are you planning to brew with this equipment (i.e. ales, lagers, high-gravity)?

Do you have a brew master for this proposed facility?

Do you currently have a building and the space for proposed brewing equipment?

If no, when will the facility be ready?

What are your current/proposed ceiling heights for where this equipment will go?

Are there any restrictions (i.e. historical landmark status) or limitations (i.e. narrow dock doors to bring equipment through) to note?


What is your preferred start-up date for equipment?


Is financing in place for this project?

If not, when do you plan to secure financing?


How did you hear about or what drove you to Sprinkman Brewing Systems to make this request?

Anything else we should know about you or your request?


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