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Batching & Blending

Blending systems incorporate ingredients into a continuous product stream utilizing flow meters, positive displacement pumps, flow control valves and static mixers.  WM Sprinkman's experience in designing, fabricating and installing batching and blending mix tanks and kettles can help you with a wide variety of processes, including dosing of liquids, slurries, gases and bulk solids via loss-in-weight and gain-in-weight designs. We utilize a variety of flow-meter and load cell technologies, and can customize a variety of blending systems from agitation to low and high shear mixing. Tanks and custom agitators can be skidded for specific applications. 

Batching systems include make-up (batch) tanks in which liquid and dry ingredients are added, blended, and in some cases heat treated. The batch is then transferred to a use tank, where it is pumped at a controlled rate to the use point. Systems can also be configured with combined, alternating batching/use tanks to allow one side to be in production while the other is cleaned and batched. This approach can sustain continuous operation in support of the downstream process.


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