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Processing Vessels

The heart of W.M. Sprinkman’s is in providing sanitary processing equipment and technology to the Dairy, Food and Beverage industries.  Over time we brought that expertize to the manufacturing of Personal Care items and Craft Brewing.  Regardless of industry, our approach has been welcomed by companies of all sizes from coast-to-coast:

  • Design and fabricate to 3-A Sanitary Standards.
  • Design and fabricate pressure vessels in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 1 for both “U” and “UM” stamped vessels,
  • Efficient and effective cleaning to your industry standards.
  • Customization of vessel configurations and capacities to meet your needs.
  • Process vessels that are easy to integrate into your current processing line.
  • Heat transfer technologies including channel on side wall, dimples on bottom cone.
  • Processors can be configured in a variety of ways including slope bottom, cone bottom, dish top/bottom, open top or flat top w/ hinged covers and more.


Balance Tanks

Balance tanks are a staple of a dairy’s pasteurization process and other beverage HTST loops.  A balance...


Process Tanks

Blending systems incorporate ingredients into a continuous product stream utilizing flow meters, positive displacement pumps, flow control valves and static...


Storage Tanks

A processing operation will undoubtedly utilize some combination of storage tanks between the receipt of raw materials and the packaging...


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