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Custom Fabrication

To make your new equipment truly part of your processing system, sometimes added touches are needed. The W.M. Sprinkman team of fabricators can also manufacture and install the supporting components needed to complete any system’s infrastructure and make the transition to production by providing:

  • Integrated and advanced automation and controls
  • Installing process piping, pumps and valve clusters
  • Hanging support
  • Platforms, catwalks, stairs and handrails, all to regulatory standards
  • Schematics and documentation to fully understand the functional relationship of the system components
  • Proper identification and labeling of all inputs, outputs and interfaces

Transfer Panels 1

Transfer Panels

A transfer panel is used to prevent cross-contamination when transferring process fluids through multiple lines within a larger piping system....


Valve Manifolds

Whether in the field, or in our shop, our engineers and fabricators have the experience and skill to build your...


Holding Tubes

Pasteurization Holding Tubes provide a fixed volume of tubing to "hold" a product for a set period of time at...

Platforms Rails & Stairs

Platforms Rails & Stairs

Making your processing system safely accessible for your employees is where W.M. Sprinkman’s fabrication expertise comes in....

Process Piping

Process Piping

Stainless steel process piping is a key component in sanitary processing systems.  Transporting products and ingredients to various points...


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