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Yeast Handling Vessels

The major difference between a yeast brink and a propagator is that a propagator should have variable temperature control while a yeast brink, which is intended for harvesting, pitching and storage, may simply be a cold storage vessel.  Harvesting and re-pitching yeast is a common practice used to spread the cost of the culture over many brews and brewers should be able to re-use yeast for at least 7 generations and often as many as 10 generations if good harvesting and storage practices are followed.

Yeast Brinks

Yeast brinks are storage vessels that prepare yeast for fermentation by holding it in a temperature-controlled suspension.  A glycol cooled, agitated yeast brink has many advantages over other collection vessels. The agitation of glycol cooled slurry offers precision temperature control.  A yeast brink allows for easy yeast washing and QC sampling as well as propagation.

Yeast Propagators

Dedicated propagator gives you the greatest control and flexibility over the propagation process.  Propagations can be a cost effective yeast management method for brewers who want to employ multiple yeast strains or are brewing too infrequently to re-pitch harvested yeast.

• Sprinkman can design and manufacture a yeast management solution customized for your brewery and the variety of yeast strains and beer styles you produce.

For additional information, check out our Yeast Tank Guide:

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