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Hot & Cold Liquor Tanks

These hot and cold water tanks need to be sized properly to sufficiently support a brewing system with water at the quantity and temperature needed.  Typically, we like to size these 2-2.5x the brewhouse size depending again on brewhouse needs.  Both our hot and cold liquor tanks leverage external heat exchangers from Tetra Pak allowing for adding water at temperature and never blending water that has been heated or cooled with ambient water, which is also a huge waste of energy.  We tend to integrate the hot and cold liquor tanks with automated valves so the brewer can easily recirculate, heat or deliver it to the brewhouse without leaving the platform.   Put the tanks in “auto” mode and they are at temp when you hit the brewery!


• Sprinkman prefers to "hard-pipe" the liquor tanks to the brewhouse.  Stainless steel piping provides improved cleanliness and efficiencies over flexible hoses.

• Hard piping reduces the need for the brewers to leave the platform to add water or adjust the temperature.

Need some ideas for designing your liquor tanks? 

Check out our post: 4 Considerations for Liquor Tank Design


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