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Brite Beer Tanks

Bright beer is beer in which yeast is no longer in suspension. There are several methods used for clearing yeast from beer, from waiting for the yeast to drop of its own accord ("dropping bright") to filtering it.

When the concentration of fermentable sugars in the beer falls below a certain level, variable with the strain of yeast, the yeast cells will naturally flocculate and settle toward the bottom of the vessel in which the beer is stored; this act is known as dropping bright. The degree to which yeast flocculates is dependent on many factors, including the specific gravity of the beer, the gas pressure over the beer, the ambient temperature, and some biological properties particular to the yeast strain; some beers will never drop bright by themselves.  Any beer which has been dropped bright or fined will have a layer of yeast sediment at the bottom of its storage vessel.

  • Sprinkman believes in separating the CIP arm from the vent so the vent is clear. 
  • Pressure relief can be put on the vent arm or the top of the vessel and should be sized properly.
  • Carbonation stone ports and “Perlick”-styled sample valves provided to allow for testing CO2 volume.
  • ASME certified for > 1 bar PSI usage. 


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