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Tanks & Vessels

It doesn’t matter what heating, cooling, mixing, processing or storage need you have, Sprinkman can customize, construct and deliver the right stainless steel tank for your application. Manufacturing capabilities run the gamut from 50-gallon to 15,000-gallon tanks, single-shell or insulated. Our tanks can be designed and fabricated in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 1 for both “U” and “UM” stamped vessels.  WM Sprinkman is also accredited to perform “R” stamp repairs in accordance with NBIC.

Mash Kettle

Mash Mixer

Mash mixers (sometimes refered to as mash kettles) are generally where the initial brewing activity occurs.  The varying types...

Lauter Tun

Lauter Tun

In the lautering process, the wort (the liquid containing the sugar extracted during mashing) is separated from the grains. ...

Brew Kettle

Brew Kettle

This is where things really get cooking!  In the brew kettle, once the wort is boiling, hops and other...



At the end of the boil, solid particles in the hopped wort are separated out through the whirlpool process. ...


Hot & Cold Liquor Tanks

These hot and cold water tanks need to be sized properly to sufficiently support a brewing system with water at...



After the wort is cooled and aerated – usually with sterile air – yeast is added to it, and it...


Lagering Tanks

After an initial fermentation, beer may be conditioned in lagering tanks where it will be stored at near freezing temperatures...


Brite Beer Tanks

Bright beer is beer in which yeast is no longer in suspension. There are several methods used for clearing yeast...


Spent Grain Vessels

Brewer's spent grain consists of the residue of malt and grain which remains in the mash-kettle after the mashing...


Dry Storage Bins

Sprinkman can design and build sanitary, stainless steel tanks and vessels for storing any of your dry ingredients.  Bins...

3-BBL Yeast Brink (front view)

Yeast Handling Vessels

The major difference between a yeast brink and a propagator is that a propagator should have variable temperature control while...


Brewing CIP Systems

You know clean equipment leads to better beer. W.M. Sprinkman’s Processing Engineers know a properly designed, efficient...

Outdoor Fermentation

Outdoor Fermentation

OUTDOOR FERMENTERS Breweries are not restricted to the confines of their buildings when it comes to increasing cellar space. Outdoor...


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