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Made in the USA. Powered by German Engineering.

KRONES and Sprinkman have joined forces to meet North American brewers’ needs better than ever before. In this combination, the two companies provide the best brewing solutions of both worlds. North American brewers now have options for every stage of growth in one trusted, quality brewing partner. Whether you’re a small operation just starting out or a large, well-established brewing operation, we have a brewhouse designed to meet your needs.

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Pub & Pilot

Primarily used for Brewhouses from 5 – 10BBL in size: Combined Mash Kettle/Lauter Tun Combined Brew Kettle/Whirlpool Often a...

Microcube  large-single


Available in 10 to 30 bbl sizes. Featuring a compact design, the MicroCube was developed with limited floorspace without sacrificing the features...


Sprinkman Brewhouse

Available in 10 to 85 bbl sizes with two vessels and the option to add additional vessels depending on the brewery&rsquo...

Combicube  large-single


Available in 10 to 85 bbl and comes standard with three vessels and the option to add additional vessels depending on the...

Steinecker-brewhouse  large-single


The gold standard of our offerings, the Steinecker brewhouse is built for the highest quality possible, engineered and manufactured in...