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New Sprinkman Dry Hop Skid is “Brewer Approved”!

by System Administrator / Thursday, 21 June 2018 / Published in

One of the largest brewhouses that Sprinkman has ever built is a 100-barrel/3-vessel system installed last year at MadTree Brewing Company in Cincinnati, Ohio. The brewer, only five years in business, expanded because of demand for their products, and was able to quickly ramp up beer production with the Sprinkman system without compromising on quality and consistency.

Like most brewers, MadTree is always looking to improve the brewing process, and consider techniques that include late addition hops and dry hopping to brew more flavorful beers. Sprinkman Brewing Systems recently sat down with Ryan Blevins, head brewer at MadTree, to talk about the performance of our dry hop skid:
Sprinkman Brewing Systems: How do you feel about the overall look, feel, dimensions of the Sprinkman dry hop skid?

Blevins: “The size of the dry hop skid is good for our cellar and is easy to maneuver.”
SBS: Is it difficult or easy to use the dry hop skid?
Blevins: “The skid is pretty easy for one person to run it.”

SBS: How would you compare using the Sprinkman skid for dry hopping versus current methods?
Blevins: “One of the biggest impacts is on our personnel. This method of dry hopping is much better from a safety stand point. Our tanks are too tall to have people going up to dry hop from the top. Keeping our brewers on the ground while dry hopping is a big deal for us. No longer having to climb ladders was one of the biggest draws for us to purchase a dry hop skid.”
SBS: How well is the system working for MadTree?
Blevins: “Adding the dry hop skid into our process has been a big improvement in many areas. The recirculation of the hops has increased our utilization and we've seen a nice bump in aromatics.  I believe we are getting better utilization from the hops with this method.”
There are two models of the Sprinkman Dry Hop Skid.  The DHS-250 that MadTree uses holds up to 250 lbs of hops, while the smaller DHS-100 holds up to 100 lbs.  Click here to watch a video of the DHS-250 in action or visit our website for more information.

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