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Behind Sprinkman’s Decision to Join Krones

by System Administrator / Tuesday, 23 October 2018 / Published in

Holger Beckmann, president and CEO of Krones, Inc. welcomes Brian Sprinkman, president of W.M. Sprinkman LLC.

Earlier this month, the W.M. Sprinkman Corporation was acquired by Krones, Inc., based nearby in Franklin, WI, approximately 30 minutes from our headquarters.  If you are unfamiliar with Krones, they are a large beverage and liquid food processing and packaging company headquartered in Germany, with the aforementioned US headquarters in Franklin.  We were purchased by Krones, Inc., not Krones AG in Germany, and a new entity was formed called W.M. Sprinkman LLC.

My father, and his father before him, built a solid reputation in the dairy, food and beverage industries.  As I looked at this opportunity with Krones, it was important to me, and my father, that we build on that hard-earned reputation.  We realized that their resources can make Sprinkman a much stronger player than he or I ever envisioned.   Over the last number of months, I spent time with the owners of other acquisitions by Krones to ensure that this was a good decision.  The landscape of the projects we are working on has evolved in the last number of years and being part of a “bigger family” will provide us the ability to keep up with the demands of these projects.  TransMarket, Javlyn and Process and Data Automation all have a dairy, food and beverage focus.  When you couple all of the resources together from all of our companies, along with Krones, Inc., we represent a formidable force in turnkey sanitary processing solutions.

We recognized a need to invest in our capabilities around our produced goods, such as tanks, skidded systems and platforms.  Coupled with the buying power of Krones, along with an investment in technology and personnel, the manufacturing side of our business will be able to do things we have only dreamed of.  We will be producing at a rate that is better, faster and at a lower cost, allowing us to better meet today’s demands.

As far as me and my talented team at Sprinkman, we are here to stay.  We just have some more horses behind us than we have had in the past.  This will improve our ability to support you and the initiatives you have around the US and Canada.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss.   I am looking forward to growing our business relationship with you!

Brian Sprinkman

WM Sprinkman LLC
A Member of the KRONES Group

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