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News articles for "Dairy, Food & Processing"

Touted for its protein content and creamy, thick texture, Greek yogurt has provided an enviable market boom for dairy processors. While you might not see their name on a cup of yogurt, W.M. Sprinkman has been an important resource for Greek yogurt producers.

Perhaps one of the most explosive growth stories in the food industry, Greek yogurt only accounted for about 1% of refrigerated yogurt sales in 2007. Fueled by its reputation as healthy and filling, it now accounts for roughly 36% of the 6.5 billion dollar US retail market of yogurt and yogurt drinks. Analysts don’t see an end to its growth in the near future.

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Franksville, WI (April 2013) – Cornell University will open their newly renovated Dairy Plant and Facility in Ithaca, NY this July. Powering the plant will be stainless steel dairy processing equipment provided by W.M. Sprinkman Corporation. The new Dairy Plant and teaching Facility will create enhanced work and educational opportunities for students, faculty and staff, local businesses and the nationwide dairy industry.

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W. M. Sprinkman Corporation will be providing the process engineering for the $32 million renovation and expansion of the University of Wisconsin’s premier dairy research facility. The Wisconsin Department of Administration selected Zimmerman Architectural Studios of Milwaukee, WI as the architectural firm for UW’s Babcock Hall renovation and Center for Dairy Research (CDR) addition project.  W. M. Sprinkman partnered with Zimmerman on the winning bid and will be designing and engineering the dairy processing operations for the facilities, which are slated to break ground in the summer of 2015.

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  1. Allows for a better designed, more compact process system that is ready-to-go when it reaches your plant.
  2. Save time and money off-site, while project is designed and built at W.M. Sprinkman AND on-site by minimizing downtime when integrating equipment into your existing system.
  3. All inclusive tanks, pumps, valves and controls are pre-assembled on a tubular stainless steel frame and will come ready to “plug in”.
  4. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is completed at W.M. Sprinkman prior to installation, reducing trouble-shooting on site.
  5. Flexible design will integrate into your existing equipment and allow for easy expansion down the road.

When a beverage manufacturer recently realized that their facility expansion project was going to miss their targeted completion date, they asked W. M. Sprinkman how they could help “make up time” so they could still hit their annual production goals. The answer came in the form of a skidded process system.

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