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Latest news

Krones Inc., Acquires W.M. Sprinkman

Friday, 5 October 2018 by System Administrator


Changes are brewing in Wisconsin’s craft brewing and dairy industry after Krones Inc., a North American subsidiary of Krones AG based in Germany, purchases W.M. Sprinkman Corp. on October 3, 2018. The partnership serves to benefit both parties with intent to expand Krones Inc.’s manufacturing services in North America and provide W.M. Sprinkman with the resources necessary to widen its products and services.

Krones Inc., a manufacturing group stationed in Germany, primarily focused its reach to the client base in its area but wished to expand in North America. By partnering with W.M. Sprinkman Corp, Krones Inc., is able to broaden its manufacturing presence and satisfy that need.

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Flood Hits Elroy, WI Plant

Thursday, 13 September 2018 by System Administrator


A series of relentless rains hit Central Wisconsin the last week of August, leading to rivers overflowing their banks in a number of communities.  One of the hardest hit was Elroy, WI where one of Sprinkman’s  tank manufacturing facilities resides.  On Monday, August 27th flood waters entered the building, exceeding a height of 40” in some areas of the plant before receding.  What was left was a field of mud and debris throughout our three building complex and the surrounding area.  Many of our employees also had flood damage to their homes, with one employee dealing with a complete loss of his home.  Even with all of this disruption our crew immediately jumped in and began the clean-up process.   Within a week partial manufacturing had resumed and as of September 17th full-time production was restored!

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2-Tank Portable CIP Cart

Thursday, 13 September 2018 by System Administrator


The Sprinkman portable CIP cart is creating solutions for small equipment cleaning needs. It features portable, all-stainless construction with two 75 gallon tanks, an inline heating element, a pump with VFD for speed control, and all the necessary valves and tubing. It can perform many operations including: recirculating water or chemical to heat-to-temperature, sending and recovering cleaning solution to tank or piece of equipment and recovery of chemical for re-use. The inline heater is Sprinkman’s best feature since it provides ultimate versatility and heating on-the-fly. Simply plug it in and have full control of the pump and heater from a small, convenient, control panel. With safety in mind, the heater cannot be operated while the pump is not running.  Please ask us for custom solutions!