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The need to mix, blend, store and pipe non-edible products exists as well.  Sprinkman is experienced in providing personal care, cosmetic and industrial customers with systems and equipment to accomplish their needs.  Some of these non-food products include the following.

Products Include:

  • Shampoo, lotions and creams
  • Body wash and liquid soaps
  • Wipes and cleaning products
  • Paints, bonding agents and related products
  • Oils and waxes
  • Aerosol cleaners
  • Detergents, Polymers and Surfactants
  • Various oils and gums
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Trust Sprinkman with:

  • Blending/batching
  • Process piping
  • Storage tanks
  • CIP systems
  • Powder induction systems
  • Scrape wall agitated tanks
  • Meeting USDA, FDA, GMP and PMO standards


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