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New Sprinkman Brewhouse Headed to Revolver Brewing at TexasLive!

by System Administrator / Tuesday, 10 September 2019 / Published in

A team from MillerCoors and Revolver Brewing stopped in at Sprinkman’s factory in Waukesha recently to inspect their new 10-bbl/3-vessel Sprinkman brewhouse currently being prepared for shipping to Revolver Brewing in Arlington, TX.

The MillerCoors and Revolver Brewing teams were hosted by the Sprinkman team responsible for designing and manufacturing the brewing system. In the coming weeks the brewhouse will be shipped down to Texas where it will be installed at TexasLive! – an expansive live music and entertainment venue with multiple bars and restaurants, including Miller Tavern & Beer Garden.

While Revolver Brewing is based in Granbury, Texas, the brewhouse will allow the company to brew their beers onsite at TexasLive! in Arlington. Revolver plans to have the new brewing system operational for the fall season. 

Left to right: Grant Wood, Jeff Cornell




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