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Greek Yogurt – Healthy for You and for Dairy Processors’ Bottom Line

by System Administrator / Thursday, 6 November 2014 / Published in Dairy, Food & Processing

Touted for its protein content and creamy, thick texture, Greek yogurt has provided an enviable market boom for dairy processors. While you might not see their name on a cup of yogurt, W.M. Sprinkman has been an important resource for Greek yogurt producers.

Perhaps one of the most explosive growth stories in the food industry, Greek yogurt only accounted for about 1% of refrigerated yogurt sales in 2007. Fueled by its reputation as healthy and filling, it now accounts for roughly 36% of the 6.5 billion dollar US retail market of yogurt and yogurt drinks. Analysts don’t see an end to its growth in the near future.

Continued growth is expected to come from at least two trends.

  • Overall US yogurt consumption is only half of Europe’s and growing.
  • Greek yogurt appeals not only to dieting women, but health conscious, active men seeking high protein food to fuel their workouts.

It seems America can’t get enough of this healthy, tasty dairy product. All this demand has manufacturers scrambling to keep up. Making that thick, creamy, wonderful cup of Greek yogurt takes more than a big, shiny, new stainless steel tank. It takes an exacting process to produce Greek yogurt. No one knows this process better than W.M. Sprinkman.

“In the 80 plus years W.M. Sprinkman has been working with dairy processors, we’ve seen many trends. The development of the Greek yogurt market has truly been exceptional. We’re glad to have been involved from the start,” commented Robert Sprinkman, president of W.M Sprinkman. Five years of working with the Greek yogurt process has given the company a deep understanding of the exacting design criteria and the process control needed to make a high quality product consistently. W.M. Sprinkman is distinctively qualified to meet the pressures of this growth market.

Whether a processor is modifying an existing line or creating a new one, W.M. Sprinkman works with them from start to finish providing design, supply and/or manufacture of equipment and installation services. They can help their customers be successful quickly. Their experience has given them unique insight toward innovative use of equipment and process design.

For example, Greek yogurt products presented many new challenges for producers. W.M. Sprinkman found the need to utilize AXIFLOW Technologies twin screw pump design to better handle the thicker products and streamline production and CIP process changeovers. The pump allowed for better transfer of the yogurt base as well as gentle handling of whole items (such as berries) up to 1- 5/8” diameter without crushing or damage. This pump truly saved Greek yogurt processors time, space and money.

Robert Sprinkman sums it up this way; “Working with our customers to meet challenges like the Greek yogurt trend or working with Cornell to renovate their dairy process teaching facility really showcases what W.M. Sprinkman is best at – providing high quality design and manufactured product delivered by knowledgeable and dedicated people."

It is clear that America’s love affair with Greek yogurt has just begun. As yogurt processors and new companies get involved in this market, they can count on the experience and innovation W.M. Sprinkman has to offer.

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