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5 Reasons to Consider Skidded Process Systems

by System Administrator / Wednesday, 5 November 2014 / Published in Dairy, Food & Processing

When a beverage manufacturer recently realized that their facility expansion project was going to miss their targeted completion date, they asked W. M. Sprinkman how they could help “make up time” so they could still hit their annual production goals. The answer came in the form of a skidded process system.

With a facility not ready to receive processing equipment for an existing or new line, skidded systems can save time, money and effort. In the case of the beverage manufacturer above, W.M. Sprinkman designed and built a complete system inclusive of tanks, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, instrumentation and controls that was pre-assembled on a tubular stainless steel frame in their Franksville, WI facility. This system was already wired, pre-plumbed for steam and water, passivated and FAT tested prior to being shipped to the beverage plant.  Better yet, once it arrived at the plant it could be “plugged in” to the existing line and utilities and ready to go in no time.  This allowed the manufacturer to make up a significant amount of lost time due to the building construction delays!

Facility expansions are not the only driver for skidded process systems. Skidded process systems are ideal when the footprint for the new equipment is a challenge. W.M. Sprinkman recently collaborated with ESE, a manufacturer of systems controls, to provide a blending system that can blend up to eight ingredients in-line.  Being able to design, pre-assemble and successfully test a system that needed to be placed in a tight physical space was instrumental in reducing the on-site commissioning time and cost.  This has made skidded systems the answer for many applications, including:

  •     Mixing/Blending Batch Systems
  •     HTST Pasteurization
  •     CIP systems
  •     Hot Water Sets
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