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Spiteful Brewing

Brad Shaffer and Jason Klein, owners of Spiteful Brewing in Chicago, met following a spiteful incident during a hockey game on the pond when they were kids. They remained friends and teammates throughout the years, carrying a Spiteful disposition along the way.

By late 2009 both were looking for more satisfaction than their current jobs were providing. Brad attended college in Boulder, CO and learned an admiration for the finer beers in life. He brought that appreciation to Jason, who attended University of Arizona.  It didn't take long for Jason to trade in his crap beer for craft beer.

Realizing both were passionate about great beer, they decided to try their hand at brewing. Brad and Jason started aggressively home brewing, making 3 batches a week for about 3 years. They started in the kitchen on a stove, and slowly upgraded their system as experience was gained.  They eventually realized their dream of opening a brewery and brewed their first commercial batch, G.F.Y. Stout, in November of 2012. From the humble beginnings on the stove, Spiteful grew to a team that now brews, packages, and delivers cans, bottles, and kegs across Chicagoland! Fast forward five-years to 2017 when Spiteful Brewing is now receiving a new 30-BBL/3-Vessel Sprinkman Brewhouse.  Sprinkman is proud to be associated with Brad, Jason and their journey from pond hockey skirmish to craft brewing success story!


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