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Milwaukee Brewing Co.

Milwaukee Brewing’s new facility will include a 50,000-square foot brewery, an indoor tasting room, an outdoor patio and a rooftop bar and event space that will offer dramatic views of Downtown, including the adjacent new Arena District.  Founder Jim McCabe expects the new brewery – which will initially allow Milwaukee Brewing Company to brew and package as much as 30,000 barrels' worth of beer annually, with room to grow – will be running in mid-2018.  At the center of the new operation will be a 60-BBL/4-Vessel Sprinkman Brewhouse and expansive cellar.  Much of which will be visible to guests through floor–to-ceiling glass partitions.

Right now, Milwaukee Brewing Co.'s Walker's Point brewery is "at capacity" and brews 14,000 barrels a year.  The company currently has 57 brewery employees and plans to add 22 full-time and 25 part-time positions in the expanded operation. McCabe says the company's Walker's Point brewery will remain open and will serve as a pilot brewery. Added capacity there created by the new brewery will allow for expansion of MKE Brewing's barrel-aged and sour beer lines in Walker's Point.  The new brewery will maintain its DNR Green Tier certification by using advanced energy recovery and green outdoor systems to minimize environmental impacts, including Milwaukee's underground steam system.


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