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Jekyll Brewing

Jekyll Brewing of Alpharetta, GA might be located a bit far from the Atlantic coast, but founder Mike Lundmark says the brewery is “inspired by Jekyll Island, GA” and the South’s rich history, relaxed lifestyle and brewing traditions.

Jekyll Brewing is proud to be the first brewery located in Alpharetta and a new Sprinkman 50-BBL/4-Vessel Brewhouse was commissioned at Jekyll in May 2017.  This was a welcome addition for award-winning Brew Master and Co-owner, Josh Rachel, who was running a 10-BBL system 24/7 to try and meet the demand of thirsty customers. The new Jekyll system is highly automated and includes recipe-driven brewing capabilities, automated hot and cold liquor tanks, 4-Vessel CIP skid and a progressive cavity grain-out system.  The efficiency-minded Jekyll team also have a hard-piped cellar with a flow panel.  All added up, Jekyll Brewing truly expanded their brewing operations well into the future!

Josh provides creative direction for a lineup of craft beers that covers the global spectrum of brew styles.  For example, fan-favorite Hop Dang Diggity is a Southern IPA with the aroma of tall Georgia pines and is “hopped up like a one-legged chicken”.  IPA variations, Kolsch, American Brown Ale, Amber Ale and a Lager round out the year-round lineup.  Limited edition and seasonal brews allow Josh to test that brewing creativity.


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