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Jackalope Brewing Co.

Jackalope Brewing Co. of Nashville, TN lives by the motto “Drink Legendary” and in the summer of 2018 they will take it to the next level!  Jackalope decided to build a new production facility and taproom located about 1-1/2 miles from their current brewery/taproom in the Gulch neighborhood.   The new Houston Street brewing facility will feature a 30-BBL/3-Vessel Sprinkman brewhouse.  CEO and brewmaster Bailey Spaulding, the main purpose of expansion for the six-year-old brewery is to increase brewing capacity for its staple beers.  When Houston Street is in full swing, the current Gulch production space will focus more on small batch, barrel-aging, and sour beer production.

“Having a location that’s main purpose is more experimentation than volume will open a lot of doors for us creatively,” says Spaulding. “Right now, we have to use all of our capacity to keep up with our main brands, which is a great thing but also doesn’t give us much space or time to play around.”  Sprinkman Brewing is more than happy to provide the equipment to give Bailey some extra playtime!


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