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Hoops Brewing

Hoops Brewing (Duluth, MN) is receiving a 15-BBL/3-Vessel brewhouse later this month with a late Spring start-up.  Owner Dave Hoops is a member of BevCraft, a craft brewing consultancy based in Duluth, which helped make this new brewery happen.

Hoops, who lays claim to the origination of “North Shore Style Ales,” says Hoops Brewing will offer up to 30 different beers at any given time.  “We’re going to have a lot of different beers available, a lot of different styles,” explained Hoops. He noted his fascination with German lagers, his experience brewing sours, and his motto—don’t brew scared. “Don’t brew scared means brew whatever you want, don’t be afraid to push the envelope, really far, on any style. Have fun with it.”


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