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Holy City Brewing

The Holy City story is summed up simply as “a team of four guys dedicated to craft beer and their community, aiming to bring more of one to the other”.  Located in North Charleston, SC, the Holy City crew has come a long way from the original 15-gal. pilot system they brewed on.  Now, Holy City Brewing has grown into a place where people come to relax, connect with friends and family, and let their hair down for a little while. Who doesn’t love that?!

Business continues to grow and although upgrades in equipment have allowed the brewer to produce 6,000 BBL’s in 2016, a larger system was needed to increase the output of consistent, quality brews.  At the end of 2017, Holy City will begin utilizing a new 30-BBL/4-Vessel Sprinkman Brewhouse.  The new system will allow them to take their GABF award-winning Washout Wheat and Pluff Mud Porter to new customers, as well as create a wide variety of new beers. Sprinkman appreciates the small role we can play in Holy City’s future success!


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