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Krones NA Brewing Systems: Made in the USA – Powered by German Engineering

In October 2018, W.M. Sprinkman was acquired by Krones Inc., based in Franklin, Wis. and a subsidiary of Krones AG of Neutrabling, Germany. Now as a member of the Krones Group, the combined company offering provides North American brewing customers with the best of both worlds:  Made in the USA* – Powered by German Engineering.

North American brewers now have options for every stage of growth in one trusted, quality brewing partner. Whether you’re a small operation just starting out or a large, well-established brewing operation, we have a brewhouse designed to meet your needs:

Pub & Pilot Brewhouses
The smallest of the brewhouse offerings, the Sprinkman Pub & Pilot is designed for small options such as tap rooms and keg-focused breweries with an average output up to 1,500 bbl per year. Available in 5, 7, and 10 bbl setups, the Pub & Pilot features the same quality design as the larger brewhouses available but with a smaller build. This brewhouse features a standard two-vessel design with a mash/lauter tun and brew kettle/whirlpool.

MicroCube is ideal for small and medium sized breweries with limited bottling and canning capabilities and an average output of up to 15,000 bbl per year with 10 to 30 bbl sizes. Featuring a compact design, the MicroCube was developed with limited floorspace without sacrificing the features needed to produce a quality beer. In fact, the MicroCube doesn’t just produce more beer, it utilizes a manually operated, touchscreen controller to help make better beer. This brewhouse has optional third and fourth vessels allowing for more efficient production.

Designed with the established brewery in mind, the Steinecker CombiCube can handle an output of up to 100,000 bbl per year with sizes from 10 to 85 bbl and comes standard with three vessels and the option to add additional vessels depending on the brewery’s needs. As with the MicroCube, the CombiCube features a compact layout to maximize floorspace for other equipment and comes fully automated to ensure the highest quality beer. In addition, the CombiCube includes a standardized module for utilities and CIP system.

The gold standard of our offerings, the Steinecker brewhouse is engineered and manufactured in Germany to brew the highest quality beers possible. Designed for large, well-established breweries, this completely customizable system can produce handle outputs of 85,000 bbl or more annually and can feature the most energy saving technology available.

Botec F1 – Automated Batch Oriented Technology
Botec F1 is Krones’ process control system that monitors and controls every stage of batch production. This powerful but easy-to-use system allows for consistent production, ensuring customers receive the same quality product, batch after batch.

Launching this spring is the latest in affordable, small footprint labeling for craft brewers. Krones Autocol Pressure Sensitive Labeler delivers customized labels for cans from 50-250 cpm, able to store up to 10,000 setups – ideal for the craft brewer who is looking for flexibility and multiple SKUs.


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If you would like more information on any of our brewing lines, please email


*All brewhouses will be Made in the USA with the exception the Steinecker, which will still be manufactured in Germany.